FINRA Releases Interim Form for Crowdfunding Portals

Yesterday the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) announced that it would begin accepting information on a voluntary basis from prospective crowdfunding portals. FINRA will use the information to better understand the funding portal community and to develop specific funding portal rules.

Prospective crowdfunding portals are encouraged to submit an Interim Form for Funding Portals (“IFFP”) as well as any additional information or documentation that might be helpful to FINRA at: FINRA will treat the information submitted on a confidential basis.

The IFFP covers general business information, ownership structure, sources of funding , information about management, compensation and a prospective crowdfunding portal’s business model.

Once the Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA adopt final crowdfunding portal rules any prospective funding portals that file an IFFP will still have to file an application to become a FINRA member.

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